Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Lily

When I say little- I do mean little. Lily was born 5 weeks early and came into this world weighing only 4 pounds 8 oz. She was tiny but our love for her was HUGE. She stayed in the NICU for awhile just to make sure she was healthy, breathing on her own and strong enough to handle the world around her. Turns out she was all that and more....We were so ecstatic when we got to bring our sweet bundle of joy home! Just seeing her in her car seat made us realize how tiny she actually was...don't let her fool you though, she might be little but she sure is feisty! We love you Lily Ryan!

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  1. Yeah for your blog! :) Lily is so cute!
    Sorry my cordless is dead..I will call you in a bit!